Wednesday, January 31, 2024

 Wow! The first month of our New Year is almost  gone but we have a new month tomorrow so enjoy today yet and then look forward to the Feb 2024. Have a great and blessed night. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

 Hope this finds you all doing well today. Just wanted to let you know that there is a sale going on over at so go on over and look what is there. If you need any help let me know.

I am an affilate but can't fingure out right now how to load it on my page.


Tuesday, January 16, 2024


Here is a birthday card I did in Nov. for a friend. It is done with the Better Press and then die cut out and put on this card front. I also put a wax seal that says "happy birthday to you". I am having fun using my wax seal things and the Better Press from Spellbinders. Some other companies are now getting plates for the Better Press but just so that you know they have to have Spellbinders make them. If you have questions just let  me know. Have a great and blessed day.

Monday, January 15, 2024

 Good Evening everyone! I'm trying to figure out how to upload a photo so will work more on it tomorrow. Today we received more snow and cold so we now have about 25 inches so the white stuff and it is 1 degree with a wind chill of -12 so it is cold. Hope you have a great day and an awesome night. 

Saturday, January 13, 2024


 Hi Everyone, 

I have decided to come back and post on this page as I'm doing more stamping now than before. I am still doing Chalk Couture but am having a lot of fun doing Spellbinders. I am a retailer for Spellbinders and love it. If you see something on their site that you want let me know and I will talk with you about it. I will also try and post a new affiliate link on my page. It is still the same as before.

Have a great and blessed week.